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Professional Online Development Training through improvisation

Corporate improv events with [email protected] are a new way to bring your business or group together as a team!  With so many companies moving toward a more remote workplace, working as a team can look quite different or bring new challenges.  The art of improvisation is a fantastic tool for both performers and non-performers alike.  Improv helps you to stay present and in the moment, and be flexible and adaptable to change.

In an increasingly remote and online environment, many workplaces are being required to adapt their communications and operations in new and different ways.  This has implications on workplace culture, as well as how we interact with and truly listen to our colleagues and clients when in-person cues are removed.  From easygoing online happy hour and lunch events to connect your team and boost morale, to deeper training for engaging and honing professional skills, we offer experiences to keep teams pushing boundaries and laughing together.  Based on specific info provided by you, we will create a unique team-building or professional skills development improv workshop that uses improv to engage and connect your entire team.


Staying Connected In An Online and remote World

Improv comedy is often associated with just that – comedy. However, the same skills that improvisers use in their artform can be directly applied to the workplace, especially in an increasingly remote-workplace world. [email protected] uses online improv-based training exercises to foster supportive teams that value and thrive on trust, effective communication, and creative thinking.


Two (or more) heads is better than one. A strong team can accomplish more together than a group of individuals. Remote work changes the way we do this, as we aren’t able to work together in the same room. Our instructors facilitate trust and support to build cohesive teams in an engaging and effective way and focus on how we do this when we cannot do so face-to-face.


Improv teaches essential communication skills, helping participants think on their feet, feel more confident in public speaking, and adapt and respond naturally in high-pressure situations. Whether it’s working with our colleagues or speaking with and making clients feel heard, communicating remotely requires more from us in many ways. Through focused exercises on listening, empathy, and body language, our improv workshops enable professionals to be more authentic and engaged leaders by being able to better “read the virtual room” and respond accordingly.

Innovate and Create

Whether it’s the burden of perfectionism, second-guessing our instincts, or judging and dismissing our creative thoughts, we’ve all experienced mental blocks that stall ideas and delay innovation. Improv exercises in spontaneity and risk-taking help establish a work environment which makes the most ideas, as they are shared, heard, and expanded upon. Learn to follow your instincts and suspend self-judgement to boost brainstorming and creative thinking in your teams.



awareness & SAYING YES

stepping into yourself: the power of presence

In a remotely-connected world, many teams find it harder to stay truly present and conscious.  We will guide your team to a greater understanding of how to minimize distractions and focus on the now.

communication & listening

antici... pation: being ready for (virtually) anything

Remote meeting apps aren’t always conducive to effective communication.  Your group will learn how to work within the confines of online environments and use them to an advantage.

support, trust & team building

lifting your boats: building a group into a team

Even when we are separate, we can be together!  Learn how to truly back up every member of your team, no matter your location, using games and exercises that encourage trust and support.

risk-taking & brainstorming

tuning up: the harmony of risk & reward

It’s intimidating to take risks with your group, and online events can feel even more so.  Find out how to truly step forward into your own strengths, and help your group push into the unknown.


fun & morale boosting

Company Happy Hour - Online

Want to boost morale and create more loyal and productive employees? Then take a load off and grab a favorite beverage. We will entertain you with short-form improv or stand up comedy. We can also get you to participate if you choose. Let us entertain you and give your company and teams a boost!

virtual entertainment

Short-Form Improv Comedy Shows

We’re proud to offer a hilarious improv comedy show for both in-person and online events. We bring in our best performers to play improvisational games similar to the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” These interactive games are designed to get your team involved and laughing!

Stand Up Comedy Shows

We will put together a stand up comedy show tailored to your group, featuring astounding talent from across the state and the country!

unique customized events of any type

Do you have an idea for something really different?  We are excited to work with you and design an event or training that gives your team exactly what it needs.  Contact us for more information and quotes!


The Vanishing Act: Remote Edition

The Great Noximillian, world-renowned magician, is hiding more than just tricks up his sleeve. His past five assistants have mysteriously gone missing, each after their 13th performance with Noximillian. Now his latest assistant, Casey, is desperate to uncover the truth behind these disturbing disappearances!

Ibotta Corporate Training @ RISE Comedy
Ibotta - Englewood, CO
Choozle Group Training Event @ RISE Comedy
Choozle - Denver, CO

our past clients

[email protected] has built and deployed custom training workshops and events for some of the largest companies in the world, for groups from 6 up to 200+ participants.  Here is a small sample of our amazing clientele.


Since RISE Comedy’s grand opening in 2011, we have trained thousands of students and deployed scores of corporate and group workshops and events.  Our experience and our track record are unparalleled in Colorado, and we would love to put our expertise to work for you.

Since 2018 alone, our team has hosted...

Adobe Systems - Denver, CO
CO House Majority Project - Denver, CO

Frequently Asked Questions

RISE Comedy (formerly Voodoo Comedy) is a comedy venue located in downtown Denver, CO, that offers improv comedy shows, stand-up acts, and sketch comedy up to 6 nights a week. Currently, RISE Comedy is offering a multitude of online classes and live-streamed online improv and stand-up comedy shows, as well as online professional development training and private events through our corporate program [email protected]

[email protected] offers customized online private events and professional development training to fit your company’s needs.

Businesses have been using improv as an effective tool to grow collaboration, communication, and innovative ideas for over 30 years. The benefits of using improv-based training in the workplace has been shown in studies and covered by publications like Forbes, NPR, The Chicago Tribune, CNN, and more. We understand people can be skeptical, but our past clients (including Apple, Adobe, Comcast Xfinity, Chipotle, Hyatt, FDIC, Ibotta, Ernst & Young, Vail Resorts, Kaiser Permanente, and more) have told us their experiences were not only fun, but also empowering, thought-provoking, and lead them to coming together as a stronger team.

We offer 30-60 minute private lunch or happy hour events, where we can entertain you or demonstrate some of the play-based exercises we would teach in workshops. We do charge a very small nominal fee for these events.

Online events and workshops can be tailored to your needs. We encourage companies to try us out for a 30-60 minute private lunch or happy hour event, where we can entertain you or demonstrate some of the play-based exercises we would teach in workshops.

We can facilitate online workshops for up to 40 participants. During the workshop, we will split larger groups into smaller breakout groups to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to participate.

Currently, we are holding all our private events and workshops online. If you are interested in booking an event or workshop in-person at a future date, we are happy to discuss options with you. Our prior in-person events and workshops have been held at client workplaces or other off-site location, as well as in our theater spaces located at 1260 22nd St in downtown Denver.

The most common concerns we get are,

  • “I’m an introvert and don’t usually enjoy being put on the spot or experiential team-building exercises.”
  • “Improv? Am I going to have to be funny??”

After our workshops, these same people tell us how much they enjoyed the experience and how much they learned.

  • Comfort first! We use exercises rooted in a supportive group environment where no one is put abruptly “on the spot” in front of others to complete an exercise.
  • No jokes, but lots of laughs! At no point are participants asked to come up with jokes or be funny. However, there’s an enormous amount of laughter in our workshops, but that laughter comes from simply being present and authentic in the moment.
  • Introverts shine! Introverts do just as well as extroverts in improv-based exercises, because the exercises are focused on listening, collaboration, and support (all skills that introverts are just as likely to enjoy and excel at).
  • No nonsense or empty business buzzwords! The improv exercises we use are genuinely fun and directly applicable to your day-to-day work.

Event and workshop costs varies by type, length, and number of participants. We offer discounts for non-profits.  We always do everything possible to work with you to design a workshop or event that fits your goals, time constraints, and budget.

You’re sold on bringing improv into your organization, but why should it be with [email protected]?

  • Experience.  [email protected] is one of the largest providers of applied improv training in the greater Denver area.
  • Quality.  Our workshops directly tie improv principles and exercises to the exact skills you wish to focus on. also draw from and reference research and best practices in communication, business, and organizational development.
  • Value.  We want to provide an experience suited to you. We do our best to keep our costs down to fit clients’ budgets, while still offering high-quality workshops and facilitators.

OUR Testimonials

We firmly believe in our corporate training & group event offerings, but you don’t have to take our word for it.  Here are recent client testimonials from just a few of our happy clients.


Steve from RISE Comedy is AMAZING. Highly recommend his corporate workshops. He created a workshop for our virtual HR Conference and he tailored his material to our theme and objectives, had a great virtual set-up with flawless execution and was a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

Melissa Boillot, DISH Network


The folks from RISE were FANTASTIC! These exercises were perfect for our event – everyone had a blast, walked away knowing their teammates a bit better, and had additional practice with presentation/speaking skills without being on the spot.

Mackenzie Miller, Ibotta


Steve Wilder did a superb job putting on a improv work shop for my team and I. Steve’s infectious energy and enthusiasm for what he does was truly inspiring.

Patrick Borus, Chipotle Mexican Grill


RISE Comedy was a tremendous experience for our Sales Kick Off Denver corporate training event. Working with Steve made the process incredibly easy, comfortable and exciting.

Andy Groher, Funding Circle

so much fun

We had so much fun last week. Thank you for providing us such an incredibly entertaining and valuable opportunity to build relationships and trust with each other!

Laura McBride, BryterCX/ClickFox


I would wholeheartedly recommend RISE Comedy for any corporate or small business group looking to uncover a team’s creativity, spontaneity, new found respect, and trust within the walls of the office environment. By far our most memorable corporate comedy experience to date!

Rob Malara, Apple Computer

Hyatt Hotels - Denver, CO
JA Rocky Mountain - Denver, CO

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